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Give Your Printed Materials an Extended Lifespan

Document Lamination Service

There are many situations where paper or card documents would benefit from a layer of protection. Restaurant menus that can be easily wiped clean, educational activities that you can use and reuse year after year, or a simple paper pass or id card that just needs to be preserved as long as possible. Some businesses and organizations may also find that laminating particular reference documents instead of repeatedly printing them might save some money as well as time.

We can laminate documents of any size up to 12" x 18", with 5mm thick (on both sides) pouches as standard (3mm is a common standard elsewhere). Lamination can typically be carried out on the same day, dependent of quantity. Prices start at $1.50 (e.g. for a credit card sized membership card) up to $4.00 for a single 12" x 18" item. Price reduces with increasing quantity of documents, so for a specific number please contact us for a quote.

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