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Direct Mailing Services

Direct mailing is a way to focus your marketing efforts on a specific area or list of addresses. It's a way of physically presenting your business or product to the public in a way that's not possible via electronic media. It's also effective in 'breaking the ice' with potential customers so your 'cold calling' doesn't have to be quite so cold!

An open residential mailbox with flag up

Once your printed postcard, flyer or newsletter has been completed, Park Print can provide for the efficient processing of your mailing. This may include fanning envelopes, inserting material, sealing, labeling, sorting, bundling, counting, putting in trays/bagging, filling out proper mailing statement, and delivery to the post office.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)

Every Door Direct Mail® with the USPS, the latest in promotional mailing, allows carrier route mailings in your choice of zip codes with no addressing required and at substantial postal rate discounts. You can mail promotions to specific areas of your choice and better control the distribution of your advertising dollars.

Bulk Rate Permit

If you have a specific mailing list of customers or prospects, we offer bulk rate mailing services usually at no extra cost for the use of our permit. This makes for a cost effective way to mail your pieces to customers or prospects while keeping down the cost of processing your mail as well as the cost of postage. Your mailing can usually be processed and mailed for less than the cost of first class mail. In addition, your mail will travel at almost the same speed as first class mail, due to the new efficiency standards being implemented by the post office.

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