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Going Digital?

Document Scanning and Conversion

High Volume Document Scanning

Going 'paperless' is not a new concept, but despite its appeal it is often a daunting process for businesses and households alike. There are many benefits to converting documents into a digital format, the most obvious being the saving in storage space! Another is ease and speed of access to your information, both locally or remotely.

At Park Print our fast, high-volume scanning and digital conversion facilities will make short work of your bulky stacks of aging documents. Once scanned, the digital images are combined into a single PDF file. Adobe® PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universally accepted file format for all types of electronic devices.

We accept any volume of documents and charge 15c per scan. We can combine up to 300 scans into a single PDF file. An additional $4.00 is charged for the final PDF conversion procedure.

Please note that documents must be standard Letter (8.5" x 11") size and all medical, legal or personal documents will of course be handled with full confidentiality.

To find out more please call us: 508-756-8600