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PVC Signage

Ideal for Interior Signs and Display Boards

3mm PVC has similar properties to Coroplast in being light, strong and weather resistant. But, unlike Coroplast, the sheet is solid (not corrugated) which is more aesthetically pleasing to view close up. This makes it a more attractive option for any interior wall-mounted or stand-mounted signage, trade stands, point-of-purchase displays and exhibitions.


We can print any typical size sign, so the following is an example pricing:

  • 24" x 36" (2' x 3') PVC sheet
  • Full color printed graphics (with UV protection)
  • $50.00 incl. shipping & VAT

All signs have a 7-day turnaround. Please inquire about irregular sizes or requirements. Call us or request a quote online for other specific sizes.

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